National Telco

Project Summary

This National Telco provider needed an alarm management system to improve operational resilience and get the right contractor to the right problem quickly.


Logical provided a bespoke Alarm Management system which integrated with their existing NETCOOL systems and provided specific drill down descriptions which allowed for alarms to be pinpointed down to the exact facility and location in the entire country.

A complex Alarm Matrix was developed to help determine priorities, where the alarms needed to get to , who the alarms needed to get to and rigorous testing phases

Integration across all systems of the facility including:

  • Generator Systems
  • DC Power Plant
  • CRAC Units
  • Fire Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Rail Monitoring Systems

Networked multiple sites on a Virtual Machine Farm and into the one hierarchical WebCTRL® system.

Whilst also interfacing to the Corporate Network via SNMP using NETCOOL to GNOC services

Included a unique architecture design with multiple stakeholders needing collaboration from global viewpoints.

Project Driver

  • Saving significantly by reducing resource call-out costs
  • Alarms are very basic with on/off style activation.
  • All alarms are considered critical.
  • Resource callouts are at significant cost.

Project Focus

  • Alarms can be detailed.
  • Threshold alarm triggers.
  • Priority based alarming
  • The solution will allow for analysis & the ability to manage equipment i.e. turn it on or off, remotely.

The Result

The client has piece of mind that all of their critical infrastructure is being properly monitored and precise information is getting to the right vendors when any high priority alarms occur.
This gives the client the toolset to better manage their critical environment and their respective contractors and savings on call-out costs.
The alarms setup was able to deliver a level of granularity and accuracy that gives contractors a priority level, what site, which equipment and the exact nature of the problem.

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