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Modernised, state-of-the-art building automation and management solutions for Building Owners and Facilities Managers

From initial installation to ongoing service and maintenance, our team of specialised automated tech experts can suggest a range of solutions for your building to help save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, promote sustainability and more, all while keeping within your allocated budget. From commercial office spaces to hospitals, hotels, data centres and other environments, we aim to provide premium solutions, tailored to each individual building and the people who manage and frequent it.

IOT Devices and IOT Platforms

With the evolution of the internet of things, there are more devices and solutions than ever to achieve real-time monitoring, reporting and intelligence to achieve Building performance and occupant experience outcomes. Whether that is for Indoor Air Quality, Net Zero Management or People Counting, this is just the beginning. We have also developed our own Iinnovative and easy-to-use ‘AfterHours’ app which allows simple scheduling of air conditioning, lighting and other comfort controls from the palm of your hand.

Data Driven and Preventative maintenance

We trust in our systems and solutions, as well as the existing capabilities of the buildings we service, however, with a data-driven maintenance approach, we can get to the issues faster, as they happen or before they happen. This methodology balanced with a tailored, preventative approach will help to avoid issues before they appear.

Indoor air quality

We assist customers to comply with their IEQ reporting requirements and ensure indoor air quality sensors are calibrated and reading correctly. Whether your IAQ goals are WELL Certification or getting a baseline started we can ensure you have the right sensors, in the right locations to suit your

Big Data and Analytics

Access analytic data surrounding energy reporting, cost analysis, performance and historical statistics to gain insights, improve operational processes and predict maintenance issues.

High level system integration

Includes mechanical plant, lighting controls, metering, energy data, fire, security, lifts, access control, sun shading systems and more. It doesn’t matter if the integration is at the device level, building system level, enterprise level or cloud level. We’ve used many interfaces and protocols whether it be MQTT, HTTPS, XML, SOAP, REST API, Modbus BACnet, N2, or LON to get the data where it needs to go
for the various benefits of multiple stakeholders.

Remote building optimisation

Reduce energy consumption and increase building tech efficiency with ongoing seasonal tuning to ensure comfort remains uncompromised.

BMS alarm monitoring

Offers fault detection and diagnostic alarms through intrinsic FDD alarm capabilities to help improve asset reliability and functionality.

BMS system staged migration

Take advantage of cost-effective, strategic staged upgrades that work in conjunction with your plant or existing architecture.

Performance maintenance

Proactively reviews the performance of your BMS by identifying server, software and IT equipment related issues and vulnerabilities, ensuring suitable backups are in place and more.

Automatic data backups and server management

Automatic backups and server maintenance will ensure the vital information your intuitive BMS has been learning about your building from day one is not lost.

First level support

We believe in getting it right the first time – our first level support identifies the correct trade to address any issue and dispatches them promptly.

Energy alarms and peak demand management

Continuously monitors energy consumption to detect signs of energy wastage and set custom load limits for each month, allowing you to reduce operating costs and negotiate with utility providers.