Who We Are

Leading building automation specialists

What is building automation?

Essentially, building automation is the intelligence centre that brings together your building services that work harmoniously in the background to create a safe, secure and healthy environment for a superior occupant experience. Building automation serves as a key data gathering and visualisation tool for Building Managers to gain insight into the critical operations of a building including essential services, energy management and tenant comfort.

Why we do what we do

Buildings make such an impact towards the way in which our society is shaped.

We believe that offering services and solutions to improve the places where people spend most of their time and assist in the management of those spaces is our best bet at building a greater future for everyone.

By helping customers achieve success in their environmental, social and governance goals we are proud that this is contributing to address the impacts of climate change.

Save Time

Incorporating smart technology is an absolute winner when it comes to saving time and improving productivity around reporting and data analysis, especially when building management is involved.

Save Energy

Saving energy leads to saving money, but it also helps our environment by reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and working towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Save Costs

We are incredibly glad to be able to offer our clients premium building automation services at reasonable prices, which help to identify poor performing assets before they become a costly urgent repair.

Unbeatable service

We approach the maintenance of our building systems and solutions with the utmost respect for our clients and their assets. We offer a 24/7 emergency callout service and our team of customer service professionals and technicians are always happy to help.