Critical Data Centre

Project Summary

A prominent client in the financial sector originally had their existing building automation system retrofitted by Logical.


The original BMS was obsolete and did not deliver the reliability or features of modern BMS systems. The consultants and owners selected Logical over cheaper solutions because of WebCTRL®’s rich feature set and our detailed execution plan for the critical project.
Using WebCTRL®’s powerful web-based software, the multimillion dollar project involved the integration of over
3000 low level points, 3000 HLI points, 8 different types of HLI interface, uninterruptable power supply and redundant servers.
The upgrade contributed greatly to the achievement of the desired goals of reducing risk, and improving the reliability and
operational efficiency of the building.
Logical successfully completed the project with the new network architecture in place to ensure a smooth transition
between the existing infrastructure and the new systems. A clear migration path was achieved for the client by keeping the facility live, at minimal risk, while the system was being installed.

The Customer has benefited from long standing support and backward compatibility which has provided certainty for their original investment. In 2020 Logical was awarded the contract to upgrade the existing SCADA Electrical Monitoring system and merge in to Automated Logic’s WebCTRL system. The project will consisted of some 20,000 points made up of Power Meters, Branch Current Monitors, Take Off Branches, PDU’s, NSX Breakers across the entire electrical infrastructure of the facility.

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