Chau Chak Wing Museum

Project Summary


The Chau Chak Wing Museum consists of four levels containing 2000m2 of exhibition space. The various art collections come from the Macleay, University and features the Nicholson collection which is the largest collection of antiquities in the southern hemisphere.

The main plant consisted of 2 chillers, 2 cooling towers and a modular boiler. The control included thermal energy metering as well as optimising Chiller COP and incorporated valve and pump exercise routines to improve long term asset performance of equipment.

The Solution

Temperature and in particular Humidity were key aspects of the Air Handling Unit control for the ASHRAE Class AA and Class A Gallery spaces. Steam humidifiers and dehumidification control were used to maintain space conditions within their respective tolerances. For Class AA gallery rooms a pre-cooling coil was implemented to pre-condition the outside air intake for better humidity control.

Logical implemented Automated Logic’s powerful WebCTRL system to give operators insight into system performance with respect to the Zone’s design conditions for the system.

Other system integration included the Utility Monitoring system, Hydraulic plant, Rainwater re-use plant, Lighting, Lifts, Fire, Power Factor Correction units. Additional environmental condition feedback included CO2, volatile organic compounds and oxygen monitoring.

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