Logical signs up as Distributer for People Counting Solutions with Axiomatic Technology Ltd

“This is a strategic move that instils our company vision to deliver solutions that see Building Owners and Facilities Managers surpass their goals and I’m very happy with our early results” said Managing Director, Jeremy Cooke.

By using a technology mix such as the Irysis Gazelle People counters and the Axiomatic SPACEAUDIT® software Logical were able to provide deep insights into the use of the University’s resources and facilities.

In an initial project we were not only able to provide business intelligence to University space planners and Lecturers but also to delight the Facilities Management teams with real energy savings.

The solution was delivered by combining Logical’s capabilities using WebCTRL® in HVAC controls for dashboarding and the Axiomatic OTOVAC® module for HVAC savings.

The initial findings by an independent consultant have indicated an average reduction in AC operating times of over 40%.