Services That Make Your Building Perform Better

Big Data

Analytic data gathering for use in energy reports, cost analysis, enhanced performance and historical data.

High Level System Integration

Including mechanical plant, lighting controls, metering, energy data, fire, security, lifts, access control, sun shading systems etc

Remote Building Optimisation

Core focus to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency without compromising on comfort. Ongoing seasonal tuning to ensure optimum efficiency.

BMS Alarm Monitoring

Make the most of the intrinsic FDD alarm capabilities and utilise fault detection and Diagnostic Alarms to improve asset reliability.

BMS System Staged Migration

We offer strategic staged upgrades in cohesion with your plant or existing architecture over a planned time frame suitable to your budget.

Performance Maintenance

Performance maintenance will proactively review the performance of your BMS including identifying server, software and IT equipment related issues and vulnerabilities, ensure suitable backups are in place, operating schedules, locked points, incorrectly changed parameters and performance of equipment.

Automatic Data Backups and Server Management

A true BMS will be learning about your building from the first day it is switched on. Ensure this knowledge is backed up.

First Level Support

Ever sent a trade to site for a service call only to find that you need to send a different one? This level of support identifies the correct trade to address the defect and dispatches them. This increases the 1st time fix rate.

Energy Alarms & Peak Demand Management

Whilst continuously monitoring your energy consumption to detect any signs of energy wastage a peak demand management programme can set custom load limits for each month to initiate load shedding as a control measure, to reduce operating costs and negotiate a better deal with your utility provider.

App Control

After hours air conditioning management software. Client / tenant activation of “AfterHours” scheduling of lighting and comfort control. Acknowledgement and automatic billing against the assigned user. Available via web / mobile device.

Preventative Maintenance

You may have advanced analytics checking your assets and performance but at the end of the day if the nuts and bolts of your system are not working or sensors are out of calibration then it won’t matter how much you analyse it something physical needs to be checked ! A tailored preventative approach will compliment and assist to avoid costly equipment failures.

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